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Food in Bournemouth

Do you have a passion for food? Or just fancy a new experience? At Funki Griller we only use freshly sourced, local meats prepared the way that you like it. Located next to the beach and the gardens, you can enjoy the best of Bournemouth in one go.

About our Bournemouth foodFood in Bournemouth

Here at Funki Griller, we aim to provide a different experience for anyone eating in Bournemouth. With a beautiful menu freshly prepared and cooked by our qualified chefs, we are a number one choice for everyone. We cater for a variety of personalities and tastes, so the whole family can find something that they enjoy.

Food for everyone

We understand that everyone has different tastes. This is why we have developed a menu that suits all taste buds, and our chefs always cook your meat the way you like it, be it rare, medium or well done. With daily specials, and daily vegetarian specials, our customers have a wide choice of meals. Even though we are recognised as a steak house, we cater for those who are not fond or do not eat steak or meats.

Our steaks

  • Fillet
  • Sirloin
  • Rib Eye
  • Rump
  • T-Bone

What our food Bournemouth includes

Griller Super Rump Challenge

For anyone daring enough, we offer a super rump challenge! To win a place on the wall and your meal free, all you have to do is finish our 50oz rump steak; fail and you pay. This challenge is ideal for larger stomachs that can handle a lot of meat. We recommend that anyone who wishes who attempt this challenge should prepare themselves during the day, so eat little but often to make sure you can handle it!

More than just steak

Although Funk Griller is known as a steak house, our menu also includes salads and seafood, and of course vegetarian dishes. With any dish, you have a choice of many flavours, or simple food without sauces. Everyone has different tastes, and we always go the extra mile to cater for all taste buds. Choose from green peppercorn, field mushroom, blue cheese or barbeque sauce plus spices.

Our service

What can you expect when you visit us? Our customers can expect the highest standard of customer service and the best quality meals. For anyone still discovering Bournemouth, we are able to recommend local places, hotels, walks, events and more. Find your meal, tell us how you want it and enjoy the locally sourced meat. Visit here for more things to do in Bournemouth.

About Funki GrillerBournemouth Food

Situated in the heart of Bournemouth with 5 minutes walk to the beach, gardens and town centre, Funki Griller is ideal for everybody. With magnificent views and a brilliant location, our customers enjoy their experience at Funki Griller and their time in Bournemouth. With our dedicated chefs preparing Bournemouth food that the way you like it.

Contact us

When you’re looking for food in Bournemouth with the best location and service, visit Funki Griller. To book your table, call us on 0120 225 2533 or send us an email at




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