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Dinner ideas for the whole family

With the population of Bournemouth currently at around 183,500, it’s easy to see why it’s become a hotbed for tempting and accessible cuisine.


The town caters to many tastes and types of people – many of which are visiting families, enticed by that extra-special experience of eating out.

It’s here that important values are shared, as we all take turns to laugh, love and share our daily experiences..

This is something we actively endorse at Funki Griller, where we have nurtured a public dining experience for the whole family, in our clean and well decorated space.

Meals for dads

We realise that as a unit, mums, dads and the kids come with very different eating requirements. We can cater for all of them, so no one goes home unfulfilled.

We’ve tailored our menu to suit all taste buds, as we prepare our food and meat just the way you like it.

This is great news for traditionalists like dad, who enjoys a hearty portion of steak. Ours come in so many shapes and sizes; from a 7oz Fillet to the mighty tasty 24oz T-Bone steak.

For a bit of extra family fun, mum and kids can watch dad take on the Funky Griller Super Rump Challenge (if he’s man enough).

That’s 50oz of steak for absolutely free –  if you can step up to the plate and devour the whole thing!

Meals for mums

This kind of eating might not be mum’s cup of tea. That’s why we also offer a delectable range of daily specials.

These include vegetarian options and our speciality seafood, for those looking to eat light. We even serve up our always-yummy surprise Catch of the Day.

All of this can be combined with a choice of flavours. Choose from green peppercorn, field mushroom, blue cheese or barbeque sauce, plus spices.

A side order of Surf and Turf is also delectable and a sound choice in the summer months, as you eat just 5 minutes from Bournemouth beach.

Meals for kids

Let’s not forget those small mouths to feed. Our Little Griller menu provides the usual favourites for picky taste buds – fish fingers or chicken burger.

But for adventurous souls, we serve up a bite-sized 4oz sirloin or a half rack of ribs. Everything is served with either chips or a baked potato.

Those quickly growing into young adults will go gaga for our Griller Burger menu. The always appetizing Cheese and Bacon tops our list of favourites.

But those with hotter taste buds, craving more contemporary toppings can enjoy our Spatchcock Chicken – available with the latest peri-peri sauce!

More attractions

What’s even better about eating at Funki Griller is we’re situated in the heart of Bournemouth.

This means there’s plenty of places for the whole family to walk off their evening feast.

At this time of year, when the cold season kicks in, a hearty meal is always welcome. Follow it by wandering the wonderful winter gardens – a real phenomenon for the little ones and romantic couples. 

If there is a glimpse of sun then there’s always the attraction of a stroll along the coast line promenade.

Enjoy the beauty of this seven mile stretch of golden sands, including 2000 gradient hue beach huts in.

Meals for less

If this has you excited about eating at Funki Griller then this really is the icing on the cake – or in our case, the seasoning of the meat!

No families can eat for less with our great eating discount. Click here for your voucher and see you soon!

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