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Steak in Bournemouth.

At Funki griller are the number one restaurant if you are looking to have steak for you dinner, we get quality local meat, finely prepare it for you and giving you only the best steak in Bournemouth right to you.

 We have been delivering only the best to you for many years now.

Funki griller have been running now for a few years, here we have some of the finest chefs around all the south of England. Our chefs are not only dedicated to what they love but they all have a huge passion for dedicated to seeing smiling customers when they take a bite out of our delicious steaks that are always prepared to it’s best for you to have the best steak in Bournemouth.

Steak bournemouthSome of the other dishes we provide here at Funki griller.

At funki griller we not only give you the finest steaks through out all of Bournemouth, we do some of the best sea food dishes out there today. We have always seen the best in our dishes, and to this day we have been still delivering the best.

The dishes we do here at Funki Griller.

  • Greek and caeser salads
  • fresh grilled tuna
  • grilled salmon
  • steak and size of your choice
  • Whole BBQ ribs
  • Steak burgers

why come to our restaurant for our dishes.

  We provide the best starters you’ll ever come across.

We know that a starter shouldn’t be to filling but you should be able to taste every bite you take, a light starter that prepares you for that heavenly main course, we do a all you can salad counter of which you can whatever you want of how much you want,  our south African borerewors sausages, sizzling to get you ready for meat heaven, no matter what are looking and wanting to have we can set you off for the meal of your life.

After your starter then comes the prize in our eyes, main meal course.

The main courses are all from the griller so no matter what you order you will get a bit of our delicious steak, our main meals range from our 7oz fillet steak to our 24oz T-bone steak, we have every type of steak for every size you could possibly want. We also have a range of whole BBQ racks so if you feel a little hungry you can have up to three racks of our delicious BBQ racks, and finally we offer our delicious grilled beef burgers, we  offer toppings that will enhance the flavour for you even more whether you want cheese or bacon, we have a topping to you suit your thirst in the ultimate beef burger you have ever had.

Every fine meal needs a cherry on top.

Just when you thought we couldn’t provide you any more food we offer a vast range of desserts for those who can’t simply get enough of there desserts, we range from favourite scoops of ice cream to our more fancier and stylish dishes such as our tiramisu, our delicious cheese cake and well known gateau. A great way to end a perfect meal.

What you can expect from extinguished chefs.Steak chefs

The experience we have gained over the years.

Through out the time we have been  serving our customers we gained and learnt so much more than we thought we would learn, with each customer that comes in and leaves our restaurant with a smiling face we are grateful to see this and we always want to see this every single time we see our customers, our chefs came to Bournemouth with the complete passion of making the finest dishes for everyone to try, Funki griller has become something much more than we expected and we are grateful to have such wonderful customers and our truly amazing chefs and team.

Call us today to have your finest dinner booked in moments.

If you are planning on having a meal out and want to go to the best local restaurant who will serve all the the finest served steaks you could possibly ever have and make it a moment to remember then be sure to come down to Funki griller today and book a table with us by calling us on 01202 252533, we wait your arrival today.


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