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Lunch in Bournemouth.

If you are looking to have the finest dining experience, the best Lunch in Bournemouth you’ll ever have, get the finest cuts and quality of fresh local steak then be sure to come to Funki Griller, we have been running for many years in delivering only the finest cuisine to all of our customers because our chefs and our staff are all dedicated to giving you the service of a life time.

About our restaurant.

When the restaurant opened up for the first time over 10 years ago the team who all knew each other were very much into giving the finest service to customers in the food business and with time they started up the Funki Griller. The chefs here have been only using the finest quality in food especially there steak, all of our prepared meat all come from a local farm which are grown and looked after properly until they are ready to be used and then we come to our farmers and when it comes to us we still look after it even when it comes onto your plate we take care and ensure that all the flavour and juices of our steaks are kept to the very best, over the years our dishes and our staff have been getting better so when you come to us you can be sure that you are going to the best there is throughout all of Bournemouth and we have been elected the best restaurant in Bournemouth now for many years.

Lunch In bournemouth

The service that we offer to you as our customer.

With the highest experience gained throughout the years we have been in service we have been able to find the best ways to give you the best, restaurants are very competitive to win your approval because we all want to be the place you want to go to, from the start we have been offering the best dishes you could ever have for lunch  in Bournemouth or for a wonderful meal in the meal in the evening ,with a variety of dishes at your disposal and of course a delicious selection of steak meals to choose from we have always made sure that all of our customers come to us hungry and you come out full with a smile on your face.

Some of the meals that we offer to you.

  • Starters  
  • South African Boerewores Sausage
  • Sautéed Chicken livers
  • Grilled marinated Haloumi Cheese
  • Our Burger Ranger
  • 300g beef burger with toppings of cheese and bacon
  • Spatchcock Chicken burger
  • Chicken Kebab burger
  • Fish and Sea Food
  • Catch of the day
  • Fresh Grilled Tuna Steak
  • Whole tiger Prawns

The inside to all of our dishes and our services.

Our Super Rump challenge.

We have always wanted our customers to have a meal they will never forget and over the years we have seen some of our customers eat quite big sizes of steaks and still be hungry so we had the idea of bringing in a challenge for all of our steak lovers and then the Super Rump Challenge was born. This challenge has been attempted by many of our customers but only handful have managed to complete the challenge by eating 50oz of steaks, 3.3lbs of pure meat to be eaten and if you eat all of this you get to pay nothing and a place on our wall of fame however if you fail you have to pay the price at £60. We cook and prepare your steak exactly how you want it so the challenge is in your favour, we love to see new challengers come and take on this challenge and if you feel ready then we are ready for you.

Our wide selection of steaks. Lunch Funki Griller

Our chefs are the best in the business as they have been dedicated to serving only the best dishes for you for many years and with Training and dedication coming through we have the greatest services available to us that help us give you the best meals, we work with all of our local farmers throughout Bournemouth and in return they offer us the finest selection of steak so we can prepare it ready for you and with more to learn about and give to you we to this day are finding new a better ways of how to serve our food to you and we are still learning every day to find even better ways to deliver the perfect steak to you so you can come back to us to have more of our steaks.

Our staff and we do for you.

As well as having the best meal of your life we always want to make sure that you feel comfortable you are getting what you want exactly and we have always tried to do this for all of our customers so when you come into our restaurant we want to make it look modern and stylish however at the same time we want to make it feel like home and you can relax and have a laugh with friends and family whatever the occasion maybe. Our waiters have been trained to deliver the finest quality in servicing  so with every drink and every reply you get what you deserve and both you and we can walk away happy knowing we have done well in what we love to do best.

The experience we have gained over the years .

With many years of servicing we have learnt so much that when you do come to us we can apply what we have gained and deliver a even finer service, all of our chefs are very much dedicated and pleasured to having the opportunity in being able to have the chance to do what they love and for you to enjoy it and give great feedback on us and  recommend us to all of your friends, we have been running for many years now and we are wanting to push this for even longer and gain even more and potentially start placing our name all over the UK.

Get in contact with us today for your meal.

If you are looking to have the best meal of your life that not only contains the highest quality in steak but also the passion and dedication on to every single plate we deliver no matter the course then be sure to book a timing with us here at Funki Griller by contacting us on 01202 252533 today, we are ready but are you ready to dine?


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